Software Package RCutSim for Laser Trim Simulations of Film Resistors

Delivery Status: abandoned -- not available.

Due to the permanent low commercial interest in this project the effort will not pay off. Therefore any simulator developments has been abandoned, sorry.

(see description of Simulator Package RCutSim).

Demo-version of RCutSim

A small and simplified demo-version of RCutSim simulator for WinXP is still available for a limited time. Download it, if you like, right here (last update Nov.'07), unzip this file in a separate directory and start the executable.


WebRSim was a free online service for simple film square computations.
Service has been abandoned, sorry.

(last update: 12/21/11)

Maple Library Package RCalc for Film Resistor Squares Calculation

Delivery Status: Order here from BMT Micro Inc.

If you have Maple running, you can purchase a library for simple film resistor computations (see description of Maple Library RCalc).

(last update: 06/20/06)